Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dweller on tablets?

I haven't yet hopped on the tablet train so I don't really know how well Dweller plays on a tablet. Is it at all playable or is the graphics too small? A friend of mine is working at HTC and I plan to start working him to hand me a HTC Flyer as soon as they're released. Until I get my hands on a tablet I would very much appreciate hearing from anyone who has tried Dweller on a tablet.

Xperia Play in Stockholm

When passing by Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm on my way to work I came across a pretty cool installement/commercial/guerilla marketing campaign for Sony Ericsson's new Xperia Play Android phone:

I'm not really convinced that the phone will become a hit, but I do like the commercials for the phone and Sony Ericsson's ambition of putting gaming into focus.

PS In the bizarre case that you've missed any of the Sony Ericsson commercials for the Xperia they can all be watched on their official YouTube channel.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Next Dweller release slightly delayed...

I had intended to release a new version of Dweller last week but unfortunately my ambitions were a bit too high and I have to delay the release somewhat. However, the next release will contain some nice additions to the map creation, namely vault and large room support. The current version of Dweller is based around small map pieces 7 tiles wide and 7 tiles high. Examples:

###.###  #######
###.###  #.....#
###.###  #.....#
.......  #.....#

###.###  #.....#
###.###  #.....#
###.###  ###.###

These puzzle pieces are lined up so that exits match and all parts of the map is fully accessible. This concept will be expanded upon to allow map pieces with width and height in multiples of the base size (7x7). With the possibility to make pieces larger than 7x7 you will see a lot more variation and interesting special rooms when exploring the dungeon.

Once the next version is ready for release I will post back here with a "create your own map piece" competition where I will accept suggestions for new map pieces to be include in future version of Dweller.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Swarmed by monsters? 1.7.4 will lessen your burden!

As a lot of players have pointed out, the stair respawn frequency was too high. I've decided to reduce the frequency, but I'm not sure yet if it is enough. Please send me some feedback on the spawn frequency in this new version.


  • Reduced spawn rate
  • Stair respawns will no longer happen when on the surface
  • Killing the Goblin King gives an additional scoring bonus when the game is finished


  • Swedish translation was corrupt

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Where did all the Scrolls of Recall go?

As some of you already pointed out the merchant stopped selling Scrolls of Recall. I've had a word with him and he has promised to keep them in stock for any adventurers that may stop by.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dweller 1.7.2 - I still love small screens!

I've received complaints that newer versions of Dweller are hard to play on low resolution screens (eg 176x220). In this release I've tried to really improve how the game plays on a low resolution screens. I've also made a few minor fixes and changes. Enjoy!


  • When examining an item in your own inventory it will be compared with your equipped item


  • Improved layout on really small screens (176x220)
  • Harmonized font size throughout the game


  • Double height title box

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dweller 1.7.1 released

I finally got around to releasing version 1.7.1 of Dweller. I've had it on my harddrive for a while, but a lot of stuff at work and at home has prevented me from wrapping up the release and providing it to you. Not much has changed, but I hope you enjoy the new version nonetheless!

  • Font anti-alias in J2SE version
  • Added Potion of Clairvoyance
  • Scroll of Recharging
  • Monsters can sometimes spawn from stairs
  • Commands on the action bar that cannot be used (because the correct equipment isn't available) will get greyed out (Android and J2SE)
  • When examining an item not in your inventory the stat difference with an equipped item of the same type will be shown next to the stats
  • Removed teleport ability from Goblin King
  • Added confirmation if trying to start a new game while having an already active game
  • When you attack and miss a target it wakes up
  • You will not get a message about increased health when descending to a new depth if fully healed
  • When gaining a level and the automatic HP increase the current HP was reported instead of the new maximum HP
  • Bag of Monsters had an additional suffix ".. of Good"
  • Some scrolls could be used more than once
  • Adjusted map UI slightly for smaller screens (176x220)
  • A very persistent player managed to get very high stat values and wrap around to negatives. Maximum stat values are now set to 100.